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My name is Iwan Bockkom (Schiedam, 1975) and I started singing when I was a little boy. At children’s choirs and at primary school I was already regularly being asked to take the vocal leads. It would be way too easy bringing up all kinds of excuses for not deciding to start an education in the music field and for not trying to make a career in the music business. Yesterday is gone and looking back doesn’t change a single thing about that. What really matters is what you are doing today. You can always start doing things you love and that make you happy, even if these dreams may not seem to make sense to other people. No matter the situation you are in, you are directing your life. We all follow our own path and I am gratefull and proud that I am able to say in this stage of my life who I am and what really makes me happy.

My biggest passion is singing. I am singing at a choir and a band and furthermore I am performing solo at wedding ceremonies, dinners and receptions.

The eighties have been important for my musical development and I really do like singing hits and covers from these days. I have a wide interest in all kinds of music and I do like for instance Adèle, John Mayer, James Morrison, Sam Smith, Sia, Eva Cassidy, George Michael, Jon Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Simple Minds, Marco Borsato en Bløf. Music is all about being moved emotionally.

A couple of years ago I began writing my own lyrics and songs with other singer songwriters and it is wonderful to being able to put all your creative ideas and feelings in that process.

Three years ago I started following vocal lessons on a regular basis. These vocal lessons help me to sing songs technically correct and to make sure I am well prepared and full of confidence  whenever I am recording, auditioning and performing. 

Biografie | Iwan Bockkom

Biografie | Iwan Bockkom

"My name is Iwan Bockkom (Schiedam, 1975) and I started singing when I was a little boy."